James ED

Duolingo English

The Duolingo 1-month class offers a comprehensive language learning experience through an online platform. Designed for learners of all levels, and this program aims to help individuals develop proficiency in a foreign language within a condensed time frame. Throughout the course, Duolingo provides engaging and interactive lessons that cover essential language skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Learners are exposed to vocabulary, grammar rules, production skill in DET and conversational phrases, all presented in an intuitive and user-friendly format.

As advantages, the Duolingo 1-month class provides an immersive and interactive language learning experience and learners can make significant progress in developing their language skills to take the DET test within a short time frame. Throughout all components of the Social Studies subject, you shall have to explore more about significant events, impacts on society of influential figures, historical perspectives, human geography, cultural diversities, structures, and functions of government, citizenship, individual rights, and responsibilities and the importance of civics participation. Secondly, acquiring knowledge in Social Studies additionally necessitates basic economics, market system and economic issues. 

Therefore, the purpose of teaching Social Studies is aimed to solve societal problems and educate individuals about the practical applications of laws. To excel in the Social Studies subject, using guidelines and other studying methods are more proficient to help you and support you to achieve the success of the test.